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What is a Wardrobe Angel moodboard?

A Wardrobe Angel client moodboard



A moodboard is a collection of ideas – in this case visual ideas – which will give my client inspiration, advice and styling tips long after I have left her wardrobe. Creating them is honestly one of the most exciting parts of my job and I love nothing more than sitting down with glue, scissors and a stack of magazines ready to create her a work of moodboard art.


How do I begin a moodboard?


During a client appointment  I make loads of notes: blogs, books, websites, labels that I think the client will like. I also make a list of styling ideas to show the client – how to layer, how to combine textures, how to match colours. All these then make it on to the moodboard. I also take into account the objectives the client and I set for their appointment. The moodboard (above) was for a client who needed help putting together a work capsule wardrobe that took into account Dress Down Friday.


How long does a moodboard take?


I can spend a lot of time prepping the moodboard by pulling pages out of fashion magazines and compiling all the images I need. I also have 2 huge folders here in my office at Wardrobe Towers which are chock-full of articles and styling ideas. I’ll raid these folders and do lots of photocopying. A moodboard is A3 size and I fill both sides with inspiration. Putting together a moodboard takes me about 2 hours, including wrapping and posting.


How can I get a moodboard?


I offer a moodboard with my Style and Declutter with Follow Up but if you’d like one with any of my other services I will happily do this for £50.

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