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Wardrobe Angel Case Study – Working in a creative industry

Lots of my clients work in creative industries, namely television and radio. This creates some interesting wardrobe dilemmas as the creative industries are usually pretty casual in their dress codes. This then leads to people wearing the same things for work as they would at the weekend and never quite standing out in the workplace as they should. Here is one Wardrobe Angel Case Study to show how I turned one creative worker’s wardrobe into a career defining success:

Fiona, TV executive

Recently promoted to a lofty and visible position of authority, each night driving home from work instead of feeling incredibly proud of her awesome achievement, she would start to feel anxious about what to wear the following day. This became a self-fulfilling prophecy; as she stressed more and more about what to wear, she found it harder and harder to find something to wear. Plus, she didn’t even really know what she was supposed to be wearing – the job description didn’t come with a Dress Code.

What did I do?

  • Utilised jackets to convey strength in her position  – sartorial armour if you will – by giving her a defined silhouette.
  • Removed black from her wardrobe (with her soft colouring the contrast was too harsh) and focused on creams, taupe, sky blue, yellow and navy.
  • Combined low heels (she was on her feet a lot during the day, a high heel wouldn’t have been appropriate) and jackets as the pillars of her wardrobe, combined with a variety of dresses and the odd pair of trousers and jeans.
  • Made necklaces her USP and wove them into nearly every outfit.
  • Focused on luxury fabrics: cashmere and silk. Not only would the cashmere keep Fiona warm in a drafty studio but it looked bold in colour pops, helping her to stand-out and make her easier to see.
  • Made the conscious decision to stay away from a lot of man made fabrics: using silk was to help Fiona feel her position – to look expensive.

What was the outcome?

The following week I received a letter of thanks from Fiona saying that she really did feel powerful going into work and that the jackets were really helping her. 3 years on and taupe has given way to pastel pinks, we’ve moved on from dresses and heels to unstructured trouser suits and sliders which not only look modern, but also signal Fiona’s increasing confidence in her role. She was recently awarded Woman of the Year award in her city.


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