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Wardrobe Angel Case Study – Better with Age

Phrases such as “women over a certain age” and the “style rules” that used to accompany them are now obsolete when it comes to fashion and style. My Nana was one of the most glamorous women in my life growing up: she never wore black, she loved bright colours, and had an enviable collection of silk scarves which I inherited. To honour her memory I named my beautiful baby girl after her! Since tripping over the Advanced Style blog on the world wide web a few years back, I started to see ageing in a wholly positive light.


Not so much decay and lost opportunities, wrinkles and being ‘over the hill’ as the media at one time suggested, but more a celebration of all the new opportunities that age can bring.

Taken from Advanced Style blog

One of my first Wardrobe Angel clients was an amazing lady called Sharon who embraced her milestone birthday with open arms. She too contributed to my own views on what it means to get older.

What did Sharon have to say about her Wardrobe Angel Experience?

I celebrated my 50th birthday a few weeks ago and far from feeling gloomy about my age I am genuinely excited about my ‘coming of age’ and finding an increased confidence that comes with caring far less about what other people think. I’ve always had a passion for art and design but yet my wardrobe has seldom reflected my true style and I recognised that the lack of choice offered by a homogenised High Street and the limitations of a size 16 hourglass body shape were not the only factors holding me back.

Enter Stephanie… her knowledge of visual merchandising and retailers both specialist and mainstream is (to use one of her expressions) “awesome”! We spent an exhilarating, albeit exhausting (!) day together and her sheer energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Stephanie’s service has been superb; she brought a fresh, expert pair of eyes to my existing wardrobe and has gently encouraged me to go for it and create a style that truly reflects me. If you are undecided about taking the plunge and making a booking, just do it. You won’t regret the investment.

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