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Has your Mum’s style influenced yours?


Without a shadow of a doubt yes. As my mum’s style has grown more confidant (you’ll easily find her in Zara, LK Bennett and Hobbs) mine has too. My mum’s mum, my Nana, had legendary style: she never wore black, owned fur coats and had a scarf selection to die for. I inherited her furs, her scarves and to some extent, her passion for clothes. My Nana looked, and my Mum always looks, so ‘done’, so well put together, Even when my mum is hanging out with her 3 grandchildren, playing with them and taking them to the park, she will have a regal air to her (maybe due to the 3 purple coats she owns…!)


I think sometimes we forget, or don’t fully value, the impact our clothes has on others, or what examples we are setting for the next generation – how ‘outstanding’ we are in our clothes makes us more or less memorable.


Saying that, I’ve been dissed by my three year old nephew for wearing a sleeveless waistcoat he didn’t like! I’ll never forget the look on his face when he pointed at me and said, “What’s that?”



If you think your mum would like a wardrobe session as a Mother’s Day gift then please get in touch.  Please give me an ring on 07542825740 or drop me an email to info@wardrobeangel.co.uk .

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