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When I first started out as The Wardrobe Angel I did my fair share of writing to get experience (read: for free!) I wrote for The Halifax Courier, I did guest blog posts, got my own blog up and running (click here for a read!) and I researched a weekly column for the now defunct Egg Mag about sustainability issues in the north of England. All those experiences gave me valuable experiences: meeting deadlines, planning and pitching ideas, keeping to a word count, sourcing and attributing images, understanding the editing process.

After each column or blog was turned in I would always wait with excitement to see my work turn up online and in print. It was such a buzz! Now I have a print column AND get paid for it – a dream come true! I write a monthly column for the brand spanking new Sew Now magazine translating trends into sewing patterns combined with styling tips to help readers get more wear out of their wardrobes and sewn creations.


February’s column is all about wardrobe investment pieces


The column has schooled me in sewing patterns, acquainting me with new websites, and brought new businesses and brands to my attention. I think this is so important when you are self-employed and running your own business that you are constantly pushing yourself to learn new things. Tina Fey puts this really well (below). Now I’m not saying you can suddenly become a doctor and start operating on people if the only experience you’ve had is playing Operation the game. But if an opportunity comes your way, one that is aligned with your business and your brand, the person offering you that chance clearly thinks that YOU can do it. Did I turn down the column because I didn’t know where to find sewing patterns? Did I turn down the column because I had never had a print column before? NO – I took it because of all the experience I had built up over the years and I knew I could do it. And do it well.



Sew Now Issue 5 is out now!

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