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Frequently Asked Questions

My wardrobe is in such a state! I’m embarrassed to show you!

I have seen wardrobes of all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of states! In fact, I’d wager I’ve seen pretty much everything wardrobes have to offer. You can trust my confidentiality; I will never divulge the state of your wardrobe to anyone. And after I leave it will be clean, tidy, organised and styled!

I think I’ve got too many clothes for one appointment. What should I do?

Firstly, let me know how many wardrobes you have. Sending pictures really helps so I can see the amount of clothes involved. I’ll give you an estimate of how many sessions you would need. During your appointment we will work to an agreed stopping point. If you wish to set another date to finish of your wardrobes then you can. Each subsequent session will be charged separately.

What are the benefits of using The Wardrobe Angel?

Here is what some Wardrobe Angel clients have said:

“Liberating! Just liberating!”

“I felt so understood!”

“A real light bulb moment.”

The benefits are numerous: a tidy, organised and clean wardrobe, new outfits, more space to get dressed, and new ways to style yourself. Clients have said they look at themselves, and their wardrobes, in a whole new light.

Then there’s increased confidence! Clients have contacted me saying they have been asked out on dates, they have told me that people regularly compliment their outfits now and instead of feeling dread about entering a new life phase or reaching a milestone birthday they now feel excited, ready and styled for the occasion! A few clients have lost weight after their appointment with me due to feeling more confident!

And last but not least – money. You save money by making better purchases and make money through selling your unwanted items.

What can I do to get ready for my appointment?

Make sure all your clothes are ready to be seen; pull them out of the wash basket and the ironing pile and if you’ve lent a piece of clothing to someone, ask for it back! Pull out your favourite and least favourite items of clothing and put them to one side. Keep a dressing gown and slippers handy for between outfit changes.

What will the day of my appointment look like?

I arrive between 9.30am and 10am. I will run through which service you have booked and how long it will take to complete. Then we’ll head to your wardrobes! We will start trying on clothes straight away. We’ll break for lunch at a natural stopping point and review what’s been achieved in the morning and talk about what’s left to complete in the afternoon. Around 4pm I’ll recap the day with you. It can be a very energetic day; clients have told me they feel elated but tired after a full day wardrobe session.

My partner works from home. Will we get in their way?

Because this appointment is all about you, please try and have an empty house free of other people. This will give us more space and the focus will entirely be on you. However, if it is unavoidable please make sure they are aware of your appointment and are happy to stay out the way.

Will I need to supply bin bags for the clothes for charity?

No. I supply bin bags to take your items to charity. If you have any items suitable to sell I will separate those and introduce you to an eBay Trading Assistant who will sell them for you.

Will I get The Wardrobe Angel for my appointment or another stylist?

You will get me!

I’m not a confident shopper. Is Personal Shopping for me? How can you help?

If you always come back from the shops empty handed, or with too many bags filled with items you know you will return then Personal Shopping is for you. I used to work in shops as a Visual Merchandising Manager so I know how shops are laid out and why. I can teach you what to look for and how to navigate a shop floor. I also have a great relationship with shop staff which makes for a really pleasant shopping trip and I always plan my shopping routes in advance, saving time and reducing stress.

I am 65 years of age? Am I too old to book an appointment?

Of course not! My youngest client was 26 years old, my oldest client so far was 80 years old!

How do I pay you?

Online bank transfer or cheque.

Why did you start The Wardrobe Angel?

The Wardrobe Angel was born out of personal experience; I used to have too many clothes and out of control wardrobes! I used to shop all the time but never seemed to have the right clothes to wear so I’d buy more clothes … and the cycle would continue. Then I had to live out of a suitcase for 3 months using a capsule wardrobe and my whole outlook changed. I learnt having more clothes doesn’t equal having more to wear and buying cheap clothes is a false economy. When I was reunited with my whole wardrobe I reduced it by two thirds and haven’t looked back!

I want to book an appointment. What’s the next step?

Please send me an email and I’ll arrange a time to talk with you. I have a client questionnaire which takes about 20 minutes to go through; I want to know about you, your wardrobe and what you want to achieve from the appointment. Then we will get a date in the diary for your wardrobe consultation!

Please get in touch if you would like to have a chat to see how I can help you and your wardrobe.