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Magic Results from The Wardrobe Angel – Testimonials: Personal Shopping

Time for a new look?

Thank you so much for our shop – I have already worn my new pyjama style top! Family have already been commenting and saying I looking like a new person.

Namisha 33, from Farsley 6th March 2017

Improve your relationship with your body

I have never liked my body and since having my little girl my relationship with my body has deteriorated so the idea of trying on clothes in front of someone I didn’t know was daunting. Needless to say I was very nervous before you arrived! I also don’t like change and although there was a lot in my wardrobe that I didn’t wear/couldn’t wear I was scared to get rid of them. I was worried you would get rid of everything.  You didn’t!


I loved both days (the wardrobe sort and the personal shop), but my gosh you have stamina; I was shattered! I think immediately I had a sense of oh gosh what have I done (but this is me normally) once the irrational fear had subsided and I thought logically I felt fabulous and knew that I was better off for doing it. You totally met and exceeded my expectations.

I have learnt more about how to dress for my body shape. I have felt much more confident at work because I feel good and I am happier at picking outfits for occasions. My wardrobe is all organised and I feel so much more relaxed about it. Thank you.


Hannah 32, from Hull 10th February 2017

Discover new labels

The shopping trip was well planned and timed. It was amazing to discover the fab Donna Ida boutique and new labels like Mo and Co which I would never have done without you. You exceed my expectations by a long way!

Emma, 34 London London 19th July 2016

Do not let body hang-ups hold you back

Before I met Stephanie I was convinced I couldn’t wear dresses as I thought I had big calves. Stephanie proved me wrong and we went shopping for dresses! It was a great day shopping! That LK Bennett dress – I would never have looked at it before you so thanks so much it feels incredible. And the DVF dress for my Christmas party – I cannot wait to wear it!

Sarah, 42 Leeds 19th July 2016

A Style Makeover to find the real YOU

What I liked about the Wardrobe Angel is she really listened to what I wanted. Before we even went shopping we had a long talk so she could get to grips with my taste. I must admit when I first met her, I felt a definite sense of trepidation. However, one looooong phone call later I realised that having a style makeover is not about someone else trying to foist their taste onto you, but finding the best things from what you like – Stephanie simply streamlines your taste, and puts it all together.

My fears of having to try on outfits I would feel uncomfortable in during our shopping session were completely unfounded. The biggest surprise is that she found me a couple of tops that I would never normally choose, but actually took  half a stone off me instantly! Stephanie also pointed out what I’d never seen – that I have been trying to drown my body in shapeless clothes that are a couple of sizes too big for me. She has given me confidence I never knew I had, a waist (!) and shopping has gone from being an unsatisfying hassle to a fun adventure.

Harriet, 40 Cheshire 18th July 2016

Shopping for outfits, not items

I had a really lovely day today, I love everything we’ve chosen, learnt loads and understand much better now what suits and how to put something together. (And show to shop even.) Everyone should have a session with you, you are a very talented lady!

Rita, 40 Leeds 16th June 2016

Long distance internet shopping whenever you need it

I wanted to write to say a huge thank-you for everything. I spent yesterday afternoon looking through the internet shopping list and the moodboard you sent. And as ever, it all makes perfect sense. The capsule wardrobe video is brilliant and SO useful. I really don’t know what I would do without you and send a big hug up to you.

Fiona, 53 Bristol 16th June 2016

Get out of your comfort zone and into a great new wardrobe!

The shopping morning was great, the few new items I got complimented my existing wardrobe perfectly. I have worn and worn the leather pencil skirt (and as you know, I really never do skirts) so its been great to get pushed out of the comfort zone. You really listened to what I wanted and knew what I needed. Thank you.

Julie, 49 Boroughbridge 16th June 2016

Personal Shopping tailored to meet your unique needs

I was feeling stuck in a rut, with a wardrobe full of childish, eclectic styles and ill-fitting clothes. All those clothes were making me feel overwhelmed and I wanted to portray a more professional image as I’d just started a new career in which I want to progress. Shopping with Stephanie was very positive as she was full of enthusiasm and was GREAT at boosting my confidence when trying on items that were out of my usual comfort zone.  The experience did exceed my expectations as the service was very personal and was adapted to suit my needs (I’m petite).  The shopping session also helped me explore ways in which I could dress my age and how to dress to impress in my new career. Stephanie even went over and above to recommend a new haircut which would suit my new image.

Tiffany, 27 Huddersfield 21st February 2016

Get compliments on YOUR clothes

I am loving the moodboard! And I loved the Hennes jackets for work so much I went and bought another one in grey, almost the same style.  I am always talking about you and I still get compliments – I do think people watch what I wear now because of knowing I have had the Wardrobe Angel in!

Suzie, 40 Leeds 28th January 2016

Time to get excited about what to wear

I am loving my new style. Get so excited deciding what to wear, and I am getting loads of compliments. Thanks for all the help. You are amazing!

Phillippa, 31 York 28th January 2016

Personal Shopping takes the pressure off

I originally got in touch with you as I had been fed up with the contents of my wardrobe from a work and smart casual point of view for a long time and was fed up with having the same morning routine……open the wardrobe, sit down and sigh as I decide which mundane pieces to put together, again! I had heard some good reviews about you and I thought that I had nothing to lose by contacting you. I really enjoyed our morning sorting through my current wardrobe, re-styling pieces and putting different outfits together and it got me excited for the shopping trip we had scheduled for a few weeks later. It felt good to see existing things in new ways, but it also felt good to get rid of the older, less stylish items! I now have so many more outfits from existing clothes than I could have imagined!I loved the day we went shopping and would definitely have that service again. It took the stress and self -pressure off me and I came away with things I wouldn’t necessarily have picked for myself, but that made me feel great!
The advice you gave me on both of the days is something that I keep referring back to in my mind. I now look at pages on Pinterest, bloggers etc as well as fashion mags to get more ideas of what kinds of things I like – something I had not done before. I have bought a few pieces that I wouldn’t have even given a second glance to before your visit, let alone tried on and loved! I am remembering your advice on the re-styling of pieces when trying on and have re-fashioned a few purchases.

Frances, 36 Halifax 28th January 2016

Welcome some new styles into your wardrobe!

I really appreciate all the ideas you put together on our shopping trip, I’m starting to look at things I see when I’m out and you’ve definitely stretched my thinking!

Kim 48 from Chester 10th March 2015

Personal Shopping for Men

I called Steph because I wanted to buy some cool new men’s clothes (not young person’s clothes) and specifically wanted a stylists advice about what I was buying. Steph was excellent and professional in her approach. She was comfortable with me taking a few months to save up enough money to pay for the shopping trip while I posted pictures on a Pinterest board showing her what styles I liked. Before meeting Steph in the White Rose Centre, she had already found some suitable clothes for me to try on, so it was quick and easy and didn’t eat into our 3 hour time slot at all. When trying the clothes on I feel more professional, more fashionable, and more like a man, like a grown up. Steph gave great advice about what did and didn’t suit me and why, which made me feel more assured I was making the right purchases. Great value for money and I highly recommend it to men who want to look more like men and less like adolescents. Cheers Steph!

Joseph 21, Halifax 10th March 2015

Work Wardrobes sorted as well!

Thanks Stephanie, I really enjoyed shopping with you on Sunday! Loving my new work wardrobe which is giving me loads of confidence. Really appreciate all your advice and energy.

Alison 44 from Leeds 10th March 2015

Make shopping EASY!

You know me, shopping is literally a chore, but I was really looking forward to tonight and you didn’t disappoint. Speed shopping with you is ace!Thank you so much – you are truly awesome!

Kati, 46 Leeds 22nd January 2015

Not just wardrobes!

Thanks for recommending the hairdresser – I have a great new haircut as of today. And I bought the jeans, the shoes and a top from the Shopping List – they give me shape! Thank you again!

Sarah, 45 Ilkley 22nd January 2015

Shopping with me is stress free!

That really was the most ENJOYABLE shopping day I have EVER HAD.

John, 34 Sheffield 22nd January 2015

Inspiration comes as standard!

Thanks so much Steph!!! You have completely inspired me!!! It is already so obvious what suits me and what I need to do differently!!! Very exciting!!!

Charlie, 36 York 22nd January 2015

Hassle free shopping!

I have a much clearer idea of what to wear to suit my shape and shopping is so much easier now as I can hone in on the items I know will suit me. The shopping list provided was really helpful too so I didn’t have to trawl the shops for the much needed items, I could just click on the links, view and purchase if I liked them and try them on in my own home – seriously hassle free shopping!

After you left, it was like a weight had been lifted, I could now see how I could wear the clothes I had and only needed a few more things to complete the wardrobe. All the old clothes had gone (you’d taken them to charity) so no risk of falling back into bad habits!

Catherine, 32 Sheffield 22nd January 2015

Try my Speed Shopping service!

I really enjoyed our day out – a LOT of inspiration. I can see exactly why people book you on a repeat basis!

Morgan, 40 Manchester 22nd January 2015

Let me INTERNET SHOP for you

Thanks for the shopping list! I have already had loads of compliments on my new clothes. I love the mood board and it will definitely help me with buying new clothes in the future as well as putting outfits together from the ones I have; it has already given me the confidence to look for other things that would fit in with my new wardrobe, so hopefully I will be able to keep up little and often shopping and will not have to be overwhelmed by having to buy loads of new stuff all at once any more. I thought the whole experience was fab and would definitely recommend it!

Jennifer, 26 Bath 22nd January 2015

Wardrobe Angel is The Perfect Gift

Have you ever struggled to know what to buy your wife/partner as a birthday present? Wardrobe Angel provided the perfect answer. She sent the most beautiful, hand-made gift card describing her services. My wife was delighted as she has craved professional advice on her clothes and a personal shopper to provide an expert opinion. Thank you, Wardbrobe Angel. I now have so many brownie points, I don’t know what to do with them all.

Gary Leeds 21st January 2015

New baby, new mum, new body! Dressing and shopping for a different shape post-pregnancy

Stephanie introduced me to the wonders of layering. She found me a fantastic dress in the French Connection sale that can be dressed up and down. I love it! Every time I wear it I get loads of compliments.

Liz, 30 York 21st January 2015