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Magic Results from The Wardrobe Angel – Testimonials: New Job

Do your work clothes reflect who you really are?


I was starting a new job and feeling my wardrobe was stuck in a total rut – which it turned out it totally was!! I’d stopped seeing my clothes as others perhaps saw them. I was worried more about the state of my clothes and wardrobe, and that there would be nothing you could work with. However on arrival you soon set my fears aside and there were a few pieces I can incorporate into my new wardrobe alongside all the great new ideas you gave me.



After the session I felt very positive and that I could make changes and updates to my style. As we cleared out my wardrobe I realised I was holding onto clothes that I no longer liked/were old/not reflective of me now. It felt like a new beginning. I worried that I wouldn’t remember all the tips you gave me during the session but these were all captured in your report and I learnt loads!!


Post session my sense of self has definitely increased – and I feel a lot more confident – your tip of being in a good mood to clothes shop/try things was excellent. When I go shopping instead of being randomly drawn to things to plan and think about what I will wear them with. I’m never going back to cardigans for work wear and totally love my new jackets. I can see a jacket addiction coming on!! I’ve bought a few of the suggestions so far from the lists you gave me and will gradually purchase most of them over the coming months. Already I’ve had positive and complimentary comments at work on my new style. I’ll definitely be booking you again for a personal shopping session and build on what I learnt this time round.


Leonie, 41 from Todmorden 9th May 2017

New Job Confidence

Thank you so much for all your help, the time you spent explaining what works on my shape, putting together outfits for me, etc as well as the follow up & shopping list have been really fantastic & given me lots of confidence for starting my new job. Friday is dress down but don’t worry I won’t be participating, jeans will be for the weekends!

Vicky, 39 York 31st October 2016

Hate shopping? Let me help

I really got myself into a bad psychological place about shopping, particularly about shoes, in the past. The thought of it used to fill me with absolutely dread – no exaggeration. I used to feel so self-conscious in shops. I was also really nervous before you arrived. I usually hate being the centre of attention like this so was pretty uncomfortable before you came along. As soon as you arrived, I felt immediately at ease and wondered what on earth I was worried about!


Post appointment my sense of self is much stronger. Significantly stronger. And  I feel so much better for it. I feel energised and more self-assured in my wardrobe now. I had a public talk to do recently – I wore my new pair of ox-blood brogues with some new clothes and felt really confident. You have demystified shopping and style for me, and reminded me that it needn’t be a terrible experience! Because I am generally really busy a lot of the time, I have found your shopping list to be most useful. I have bought a number of new items – from nude bras and seamless pants to 2 jackets, new trousers, a new dress and 3 new pairs of shoes. I cannot believe how easy you have made shopping for me.


I have talked to so many people about my Wardrobe Angel experience. I had 3 work colleagues round for dinner who sat on my bed while I took them through what you did!! They were enthralled! I now regularly get comments from colleagues about have noticed on how I have raised my game in terms of looking professional. Here’s to the next promotion!


Nicola, 40 Sheffield 31st October 2016

How great clothes can make you feel more body positive

I used to look in the mirror and see one big, ugly blob. When you came to my house it was like talking to an old friend and at no moment did I feel uncomfortable with you.  You rummaged into a place that, for a woman, is sometimes a bit of a sanctuary and private place, yet it felt like it was the most natural thing you could do.  You immediately told me my body shape and exactly what I could do to enhance it. Not once did you make me feel ashamed for having larger hips and rounded shoulders, nor did you tell me I could do with losing a few pounds (yes, that has happened to me before); in fact, you made my body sound incredibly sexy and like it was coveted by many!

I would just like to give you a big THANK YOU for the profound impact that you not only had on my wardrobe, but also on my life.  The shells have come off of my eyes and every day, little by little, I love the way I look and dressing is now a pleasure. I have come to love and appreciate parts of my body that before I hated and wanted to hide.  I now wear things I never thought I could and best of all, I feel good in it.  And because I feel good, I strut my stuff and I know that makes me look even better!

You changed the way I dress, but because of that, I changed the way I see myself.  And that is something I will always be grateful for!

Thank you, Stephanie!

Clarinda, 28 London 28th January 2016

A wardrobe that reflects who you are NOW will pay dividends

My wardrobes were a mess: whilst they seemed reasonably tidy and organised from a distance, I had clothes dating back to when I was at uni over 10 years ago but hadn’t been able to bear getting rid of. I didn’t know if you would be able to get through everything in a single session. I had recently been promoted and was at a loss at what to wear. I called you to explain all of this, and to ask lots of questions, which you dealt with straight away and put my mind at rest.

Going through my wardrobes you were not judgemental (despite some of the sights!) and it was easy to be honest with you when I didn’t feel comfortable in something. There were a couple of suggestions that you made which didn’t feel like me; you listened to me, challenged appropriately, but ultimately I never felt as though you were pushing my to be someone I wasn’t.

The session really exceeded my hopes and since our session my style feels much more defined and I feel more confident in how I look, which is reflected in all areas of my life. I LOVE my moodboard! It’s got so many great ideas, and it was so full! I also loved all of the extras, from exhibitions I’d like, to the capsule wardrobe guidance, to the colour scheme. I’m now proud of my wardrobe and love wearing my new clothes. I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel like a different person. Friends and colleagues have commented on it – it’s as much the confidence as the clothes. I previously felt like I was ‘playing dress up’ whereas now I feel like me. It’s a great feeling.

Louise, 31 from Wakefield 2nd September 2015

No stress dress for work

I’ve already taken my items to get altered – thanks for rescuing them. I wore one of the outfits you put together (the monochrome and silver combo) for work last week and got loads of positive comments. The Capsule Work Wardrobe document has really helped me plan my work outfits and reduced the getting dressed stress in the morning of me and 3 kids to get out of the door.

Tracy, 41 from Cheshire 2nd September 2015

Feel great at work!

Thanks for all your hard work Stephanie, it’s paying off already – I wore one of the outfits you selected today at work. Thanks again, I loved the day.

Sue, 49 from Wigan 2nd September 2015

Are YOU in a wardrobe rut?

I want to say “thank you” for your inspiration you really made a big difference to how I present myself not only in work but my whole brand identity. It’s taken less than 6 months and I’ve managed to land my dream job with your help and motivation. You came to my head office last year and I was wearing bad pants, a shirt that made me look fat and my shoes were terrible.

Since meeting you dress down days are now a no-no for me. Instead I wear a well-fitted suit, crisp white shirt and tie, and my belt, watch and shoes are matching. I feel better than ever, I guess I got caught up in a wardrobe rut which spilled over into a daily job rut.

I can’t wait to start my new job as an account manager.

You are amazing keep up the fantastic work.

Gareth Bradford 26th February 2015

Dress for YOU

I cannot tell you what a transformation my work days have become. It is no longer intimidating to open the wardrobe door in the morning, as I know exactly what to reach for and what to put together. It really does feel like my armour and I spend each day in the office safe in the knowledge that I can absolutely cope with whoever walks through the door. I don’t know how to thank you enough for showing me the way and giving me the confidence to dress how I’ve always wanted to but never achieved on my own. I really feel I have a style now, one that suits me and one that will be a trusted friend from now on.

Fiona, 50 Bristol 22nd January 2015

What is YOUR Dress Code?

Stephanie had put together a Pinterest board for me, containing images of different outfits, styles and fashion tips. This on its own was a great help, the images were of men my age and showed me that business dress did not have to be the corporate suit. Amazing, kind, encouraging and knowledgeable, with Stephanie’s wardrobe knowledge I felt great, better than I had felt in years AND I knew exactly what I needed to be wearing for my business AND my brand.

Jamie, 40 Wakefield 22nd January 2015

Align your business with YOUR wardrobe

I was introduced to Stephanie through Ali Carruthers at a house party and was blown away by her and Natalie Willingham the make-up artist. As head of Marketing Doctor the business is going through a large growth period and I knew that I needed to do some work on my personal branding to align where I was and how potential and existing clients perceived me. Being a marketing expert I know the powerful value of my brand both from a business perspective and personally. But from a personal perspective I knew it was going to be challenging. Spending a full day with Stephanie was really interesting, I never knew there was so much to it. She took me through a knowledgeable and really interesting journey which helped me identify colours, styles and key trends that I could call my own. The following weekend I went shopping! Armed with all the right information so I knew instantly what I should look out for. I now have a clothes shopping list, and I am adding to it gradually. Each month I have given myself a budget and it is an absolute pleasure knowing exactly what suits me by adding to my creative, impactful wardrobe. The following week I attending my regular networking group where people know me well. As I walked into the room, people flocked up to me and said things like YOU LOOK AMAZING! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET? What an experience, I loved every minute of it, that knowledge is now helping me to define a whole new me! Thanks Wardrobe Angel, I recommend you to everyone!

Frances, 45 Leeds 22nd January 2015

Go back to work in style

As a busy mum of toddler twins, and having recently gone back to part-time work, I felt at a bit of a loss in terms of my daily wardrobe. I had all sorts of lovely mismatched bits and pieces picked up from eBay and the high street over the years but nothing ever looked or felt quite right, and my post-kids figure was just different enough to render half my outfits ill-fitting and awkward. I also felt really guilty about the money I wasted on stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time but turned out to be a mistake. At first I felt that booking Stephanie was a huge indulgence but I can honestly say that it was worth every penny. Not only was she efficient, full of knowledge and patient with my incessant questions and anxieties- but she was also a true delight and a pleasure to spend the day with. I just received my Mood Board today and am thrilled with all the time and thought she has put into it. Nosing around the shops last week, I kept everything in mind that she had suggested and I have to say that the whole experience was much more positive than it has been for years. In a brand new dress last week, my 2 year old son said YOU LOOK PRETTY! as soon as I walked in. Best compliment ever. Massive thanks, Wardrobe Angel!

Amelia, 33 Brighton 22nd January 2015

Mine your wardrobe gold with me!

Stephanie is awesome! In a few simple steps my wardrobe has been completely changed and now reflects my transition into a more creative career. This woman is WARDROBE GOLD and I highly recommend her services. She’s also great company and makes you feel like a friend from the minute you meet her.

Natalie, 41 Leeds 22nd January 2015