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Magic Results from The Wardrobe Angel – Testimonials: Milestone Birthday

Find your clothing confidence again

I was turning 50, feeling uninspired with my clothes and had lost my confidence with my style. I wanted to have more style and not look like I dressed in the dark! I also wanted to know how to make the best of my figure and age.


I loved our time together. I felt excited about the possibilities I could do with my wardrobe. I felt inspired and not a frump. When I was younger I wore what I wanted and didn’t care what anyone felt. After losing my hubby I just wanted to hide and blend in with the walls. Now I’m feeling confident with my style and wear it with confidence.


Your follow up info is great and I enjoy looking at Pinterest and magazines at their fashion ideas as they don’t feel like a foreign language that I don’t understand anymore. I also shop differently, thinking how I can use a piece with my current wardrobe. I have a better understanding of the best styles to make the most of my body shape. I still do have my favourite comfy things but am making more effort with it all. Thank you, wish I had done this ages ago.

Bridget, 50 Leeds 31st October 2016

Make this birthday count

I can’t stop talking about you. Went out with 30 women last night and sung your praises! They LOVED my leather jacket-I felt soooo good!! You have brought me joy for my fortieth! What better gift can there be?!

Alison, 40 Sheffield 19th July 2016

Find your sense of self again

It was my fortieth birthday coming up and I wanted a bit of a make-over. I felt that my clothes were mismatched and although I had too many, I could never find anything to wear. I looked on Google for a stylist, I found your website. Having read other people’s testimonies I thought that’s exactly what I need!! I really enjoyed the day and felt like it went so fast. After you left I felt on top of the world, I didn’t want it to be over. Also there were things I couldn’t remember but it was good to know that you would send me the photo’s of me wearing the outfits and send me a comprehensive follow up.

Post-session with you, I feel like I have got my own style back. I was always confident in what I was wearing when I was younger but as I have got older I’ve lost my sense of self. After your visit I feel so much more confident in what I’m wearing; I don’t have to try lots of things on to see what to wear together. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to stick with what I’ve got in my wardrobe, now that I have purchased key items you suggested, and when something is getting shabby, start looking for a replacement.

You exceeded my expectations, you were bubbly and enthusiastic and honest without being judgemental.

Christine, 40 Ripon 16th June 2016

A streamlined wardrobe has many benefits!

I got in touch as my wardrobe was out of control, rammed with clothes I never wore coupled with a literal mountain of clothes and shoes (labels still on, still in the box)! My job in touring theatre requires me to travel a lot and my packing was terrible. Take everything, just in case and then wear about a third of what I was touring. As I was heading out on tour again, and also fastly approaching the big 40, it felt like the perfect time to streamline my wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and when you left I felt like we’d achieved a lot and identified “my look” and what worked for me and the practicalities of my job. Being on the road and living out of a suitcase, the photos of the outfits you put together became invaluable. I wake up, check the weather, looking through photo’s and decide what to wear! Only having to look for certain items, rather than pulling out everything and less to carry about with me. Amazing!

I have received many compliments on my style since and feel much more confident and I have a greater sense of self. Having spent many years caring for my sick mum, who sadly passed away this year, this was a valuable first step towards learning that its ok to invest in myself and to figuring out who I am without her.

You exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend you highly enough to friends and family. I’m considering a follow up/review appointment just to keep me on the right track!

Suzanne, 40 Glasgow 28th January 2016

Reclaiming your image after cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and consequently went through IVF, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This had a massive impact emotionally, as well as physically due to the invasive nature of the treatment. Losing my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as having a lumpectomy seriously undermined my confidence. But it was like I didn’t know how to dress anymore after such a challenging time. I wanted support in reclaiming ownership over my body, identity and image – a re-birth after cancer, if you will.

I very much enjoyed the wardrobe session, I felt more creative and confident also. I have learnt how to look at myself and my clothes in a supportive way, to dress myself more creatively in such a way that is in tune with whom I am. Getting dressed is far more fun than before!

My sense of self was strengthened because the service you give is so unique to the person, that I definitely felt your advice and support was highly personalised. The mood board has taken me a few times of reading to take it all in. I think it is useful to have this to remind myself when I’m buying clothes and putting clothes together. I feel like I can now choose the right style of clothes to suit me.

A huge thanks for your enthusiasm, patience and determination! I really feel like you’ve helped me move on in a really big way. Thank you.

Rosie, 36 Sheffield 28th January 2016

Whatever your age, whatever is in your wardrobe!

The reason for requesting an appointment with Wardrobe Angel was to check my clothes selection, make a list of any missing items and to downsize the whole, if possible. I was especially interested in making sure my clothes were still fashionable and suitable for my age.

The day was exciting and Stephanie reassured me which of my choices were great for me, whilst making some image-changing comments. My accessories and jewellery had an update which possibly had been neglected. I feel now that I have a capsule wardrobe of just the right size and when I buy in future, something will be passed on.

Stephanie must have made a difference as my daughter made an appointment after seeing the results! I will make further appointments with Stephanie in the future in order to keep up to date!

Jane, 60 from Halifax 10th March 2015

What milestone have YOU reached?

I called you originally because I recognised that I had reached a big milestone in my life and felt that my wardrobe needed to reflect who I was now and not who I have been. Immediately after you left I felt a sense of letting go of that old corporate me and more of a sense of ‘this is who I am NOW’. The following morning I was quite excited at all the new possibilities I had when choosing something to wear, you put together some items of my clothing that I would never have put together myself, so that was super cool. My sense of my new identity is now very strong and I love the mood boards. Thank you!

Eirian, 60 Wales 22nd January 2015

Does your wardrobe reflect YOU?

I celebrated my 50th birthday a few weeks ago and far from feeling gloomy about my age I am genuinely excited about my coming of age and finding an increased confidence that comes with caring far less about what other people think. I have always had a passion for art and design but yet my wardrobe has seldom reflected my true style and I recognised that the lack of choice offered by a homogenised High Street and the limitations of a size 16 hourglass body shape were not the only factors holding me back. Enter Stephanie… her knowledge of visual merchandising and retailers both specialist and mainstream is (to use one of her expressions) AWESOME! We spent an exhilarating, albeit exhausting (!) day together and her sheer energy and enthusiasm are infectious. The service Stephanie offers has been superb; she brought a fresh, expert pair of eyes to my existing wardrobe and has gently encouraged me to go for it and create a style that truly reflects me. If you are undecided about taking the plunge and making a booking, just do it. You will not regret the investment.

Sharon, 50 Northwich 22nd January 2015

I will help you recapture the character in your wardrobe, whatever your age!

Thank you so much, for the day, the humour, the clearing out, and the fact that what you have given me will go on working its magic for a long time to come! The whole thing was invigorating, funny, startling, refreshing, and full of moments of amazement as you sleuthed your way through my chaotic clothes rail to see the character within. I saw you do magic making bits of my wardrobe into whole, proper outfits that were ME but more stylish than anything I had ever done. Lots of good ideas for ringing the changes, and lots of good practical grouping. I am looking forward to plugging the gaps in my wardrobe, sensibly and carefully, from your suggestions. Your first outfit was put into use the very next day (for that family gathering) very happily where I received plenty of gratifying compliments. You were wonderful – professional, shrewd, and straight, and it was just a pleasure to spend time with you.

Kairen, 54 London 22nd January 2015

Embrace your 50 year milestone! Let me show you how!

Over the last couple of years I had lost confidence in what I should be wearing as I approach 50, and had been on many shopping trips where I have come back, frustrated, with nothing! Thanks to your help, Stephanie, I now know how to wear what I already own and what to look for when shopping. Just off to lunch with some girlfriends feeling confident and fashionable in skinny jeans, heels and a t-shirt, which until recently I certainly would not have even picked up! Thanks for a great session, I am certainly feeling more confident to stop playing it safe.

Maggie, 48 Wilmslow 22nd January 2015

Wardrobe Angel is The Perfect Gift

Have you ever struggled to know what to buy your wife/partner as a birthday present? Wardrobe Angel provided the perfect answer. She sent the most beautiful, hand-made gift card describing her services. My wife was delighted as she has craved professional advice on her clothes and a personal shopper to provide an expert opinion. Thank you, Wardbrobe Angel. I now have so many brownie points, I don’t know what to do with them all.

Gary Leeds 21st January 2015