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Magic Results from The Wardrobe Angel – Testimonials: Men

Personal Shopping for Men

I called Steph because I wanted to buy some cool new men’s clothes (not young person’s clothes) and specifically wanted a stylists advice about what I was buying. Steph was excellent and professional in her approach. She was comfortable with me taking a few months to save up enough money to pay for the shopping trip while I posted pictures on a Pinterest board showing her what styles I liked. Before meeting Steph in the White Rose Centre, she had already found some suitable clothes for me to try on, so it was quick and easy and didn’t eat into our 3 hour time slot at all. When trying the clothes on I feel more professional, more fashionable, and more like a man, like a grown up. Steph gave great advice about what did and didn’t suit me and why, which made me feel more assured I was making the right purchases. Great value for money and I highly recommend it to men who want to look more like men and less like adolescents. Cheers Steph!

Joseph 21, Halifax 10th March 2015

Are YOU in a wardrobe rut?

I want to say “thank you” for your inspiration you really made a big difference to how I present myself not only in work but my whole brand identity. It’s taken less than 6 months and I’ve managed to land my dream job with your help and motivation. You came to my head office last year and I was wearing bad pants, a shirt that made me look fat and my shoes were terrible.

Since meeting you dress down days are now a no-no for me. Instead I wear a well-fitted suit, crisp white shirt and tie, and my belt, watch and shoes are matching. I feel better than ever, I guess I got caught up in a wardrobe rut which spilled over into a daily job rut.

I can’t wait to start my new job as an account manager.

You are amazing keep up the fantastic work.

Gareth Bradford 26th February 2015

What is YOUR Dress Code?

Stephanie had put together a Pinterest board for me, containing images of different outfits, styles and fashion tips. This on its own was a great help, the images were of men my age and showed me that business dress did not have to be the corporate suit. Amazing, kind, encouraging and knowledgeable, with Stephanie’s wardrobe knowledge I felt great, better than I had felt in years AND I knew exactly what I needed to be wearing for my business AND my brand.

Jamie, 40 Wakefield 22nd January 2015

Shopping with me is stress free!

That really was the most ENJOYABLE shopping day I have EVER HAD.

John, 34 Sheffield 22nd January 2015

What change will people see in YOU?

Everyone has noticed a change in us, thank you for being our WARDROBE Angel!

Jo Lee and Andy Durham 22nd January 2015

Try my Speed Shopping service!

I really enjoyed our day out – a LOT of inspiration. I can see exactly why people book you on a repeat basis!

Morgan, 40 Manchester 22nd January 2015

Wardrobe Angel is The Perfect Gift

Have you ever struggled to know what to buy your wife/partner as a birthday present? Wardrobe Angel provided the perfect answer. She sent the most beautiful, hand-made gift card describing her services. My wife was delighted as she has craved professional advice on her clothes and a personal shopper to provide an expert opinion. Thank you, Wardbrobe Angel. I now have so many brownie points, I don’t know what to do with them all.

Gary Leeds 21st January 2015