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Magic Results from The Wardrobe Angel – Testimonials: Ebay Selling

How you feel in your clothes can make a huge difference to your life

Before I saw you I was on a limited budget due to a relationship breakdown and my self esteem was extremely low. I had lost a lot of weight due to stress. I was very time poor so selling clothes on eBay whilst looking after 3 kids and working full time wasn’t an option. The me after your visit is a changed woman! You have totally changed my outlook on what to have in my wardrobe and how to style myself! I think your service is awesome. Thank you so much.

Jo, 35 Skipton 19th July 2016

Sell your unwanted clothes and make some cash!

I had a wonderful day with you and have already been singing your praises to my friends and their husbands!! I hope some of them may take the leap of faith and test out your brilliant service. Thank you as well for selling my things on eBay – I’ve passed your top tips onto friends.

Paula, 49 Stockport 19th July 2016

Learn from my shopping knowledge!

You were right! I got the Whistles jeans and you do have to go down a size. Really pleased with them! Thanks for all your help selling my clothes as well.

Louise, 38 Burnley 19th July 2016

Love your wardrobe again

WOW! Talk about above and beyond! You are INCREDIBLE! I just love love love the moodboard – my own fashion vision board. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the effort you put in to decluttering and re-styling my wardrobe, not to mention the detailed Follow Up and the money from eBay. Just thank you so much.

Sarah, 30 Leeds 21st February 2016

Unlock the money in your wardrobe!

Thank you for the Shopping List and Moodboard, they are great. I’m really looking forward to using the Holiday Packing Document – it’s going to save me so much time! Thank you for selling my clothes, pleased I have some money to buy some more!

Marisa, 51 from Leeds 2nd September 2015

I sell your unwanted clothes!

We had a lovely day and then a cheque turned up in the post with the money from my sold items! What a bonus! Thank you!

Louise, 58 Stockport 22nd January 2015

Advice AND experience

Thank you, the whole service and package I love and your advice and experience is invaluable. I am really, honestly so impressed.

Nicky, 42 Ilkey 22nd January 2015

Go back to work in style

As a busy mum of toddler twins, and having recently gone back to part-time work, I felt at a bit of a loss in terms of my daily wardrobe. I had all sorts of lovely mismatched bits and pieces picked up from eBay and the high street over the years but nothing ever looked or felt quite right, and my post-kids figure was just different enough to render half my outfits ill-fitting and awkward. I also felt really guilty about the money I wasted on stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time but turned out to be a mistake. At first I felt that booking Stephanie was a huge indulgence but I can honestly say that it was worth every penny. Not only was she efficient, full of knowledge and patient with my incessant questions and anxieties- but she was also a true delight and a pleasure to spend the day with. I just received my Mood Board today and am thrilled with all the time and thought she has put into it. Nosing around the shops last week, I kept everything in mind that she had suggested and I have to say that the whole experience was much more positive than it has been for years. In a brand new dress last week, my 2 year old son said YOU LOOK PRETTY! as soon as I walked in. Best compliment ever. Massive thanks, Wardrobe Angel!

Amelia, 33 Brighton 22nd January 2015

Excellent Value for Money

I knew I needed help as I had gone from wearing suits everyday to being a mother of two toddlers, I was still wearing some of my maternity clothes and was slipping into a lazy mum uniform. After speaking to Stephanie on the phone I was really excited about my appointment. I really understood how I wanted to be. That excitement has really stayed with me, I have a much stronger idea of how I want to dress and have been able to go shopping knowing exactly what I am looking for. I have spent less money on better clothes. The after service is brilliant with the photos and the money back from all the clothes sold. I will be getting Stephanie back to look at my summer wardrobe as I feel her service is not only a wonderful treat that gives you a sense of your own style but also excellent value for money.

Sophie, 40 Wetherby 22nd January 2015

Money well spent! And earnt!

Who would have thought spending the day in your bra and knickers could be so LIBERATING? Loving wearing items that were languishing at the back of the wardrobe, so glad to see things that really did not suit me go (and get money for them!). Such a great day and money very well spent.

Terry, 60 Bradford 22nd January 2015

I go the extra mile

Stephanie has completely transformed my outlook on clothes and the way that I present myself (albeit with my own wardrobe, which I never knew I had!!!). She really made me feel at ease. The icing on the cake was that Steph really went the extra mile and explained to me how to get my Jimmy Choo handbag repaired, where to take back my broken French Connection shoes, how to get one of my beautiful sequinned dresses and my denim jacket altered (at a very reasonable price). She even took items that I never wore from my wardrobe to sell. I do not feel like Steph’s client, but feel like I have a honest and trustworthy friend, who wants me to look my best at all times. I would highly recommend Stephanie’s services to anyone. In fact, Stephanie is doing my husband’s wardrobe next and I cannot wait to see the end result…

Tasnim, 32 Manchester 22nd January 2015