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Magic Results from The Wardrobe Angel – Testimonials: Declutter

“My name is Sue and I’m something of a hoarder!”

With lots of excellent reasons for holding onto things (saving things for best – my generation can relate to this! It cost a lot of money, one day I will be this thin again….and the list goes on!) As a consequence, bulging wardrobe, with surplus stuffed onto dress-rails.  Not only that, but ‘never could find anything to wear’.  So still buying more.


I discovered Wardrobe Angel some time ago, but it took a while to pluck up the courage to get in touch, and make an appointment.  Why did it take so long?  Because it was a scary prospect. Would Stephanie want to throw the whole lot out, resulting in an unseemly battle with me desperately trying to defend old favourites?  Would my taste be in question … ?


I needn’t have worried: Stephanie is a true Angel. From the moment she stepped in the door, she inspired confidence.  I learned so much about what suits me, with logical reasons for what doesn’t, and which clothes already in my wardrobe I should be wearing.  Also, when shopping, a fun way of deciding what is so amazing I just have to buy it (and what is merely ok, and which therefore has to be left behind).  Though I still have plenty to wear, with instructions not to save them for ‘best’, so won’t be going shopping for a while!


Stephanie decluttered two big bags for charity, three for selling, and a small pile of clothes with instructions for alteration to make them more flattering. The result was a feeling of lightness with the unwanted garments going out the door, knowledge of what truly suits, and renewed confidence to have the courage to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the style which was already starting to emerge.


How often do we spend time just for ‘us’ … real ‘me-time’?  We might go out for lunch, to a spa, for a beauty-treatment.  But this day was so much more, truly worth-while, and a total treat. But perhaps best of all – an immense amount of FUN! Thank-you Angel Stephanie!




Sue, 70 from Sheffield 9th May 2017

I never judge a client – I’m just here to help your wardrobe

I must say, I was very sceptical about the whole process, but you put me at ease for the word go. I was worried that I would be judged based on the content of my wardrobe, I apologise, I was very wrong.  Your thoughts, ideas and comments brought out the bits of me that have been hiding for a very long time.


I agree some of your suggestions will challenge me, but I feel refreshed after our session and ready to take on the challenge.  I have set aside a day next month to take the time to have a wander round the shops, rather than adopting my usual combat shopping style!  I have also disabled all my one click online shopping sites to stop the impulse when I’m bored, sofa shopping.


Now I have had a chance to go through everything and look at your suggestions, I can see how it will form the wardrobe I have been looking for. It is going to take a bit of time for me to complete my capsule wardrobes, but I will get there.


More importantly, the ideas you gave me for my existing clothes are going down a storm, I’ve had loads of compliments


There is no doubt in my mind…..I will be booking in to see you once you have finished your maternity leave.


All the best and thank you.



Liesa 44, from Hull 18th April 2017

New Mum back to work worries? Not with Wardrobe Angel!


I’m a new mum. My baby was 10 months old at the time of calling Steph and I was going back to work very soon! I wanted to feel me again – a confident working mum but I had no idea what to do or where to start! I heard about this ‘angel’ called Steph through a friend who had used the Wardrobe Angel before.


I absolutely LOVED the day – I really did. Talk about a cleansing experience. I’m embarrassed to say there were some beauties in my wardrobe. Some up to 15 years old probably! I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder……but clearly I had some issues with getting rid of certain things – I think we all do really don’t we??!! Steph was brilliant at sorting through both my wardrobes. She knew that she wanted to create a capsule wardrobe for me and there was NO messing about! It was ace – just what I needed – almost like someone giving you permission to LET IT GO!! My capsule wardrobe began to materialise before my eyes – who knew I actually had quite a bit of stuff already?! I felt amazing after Steph left – READY FOR ACTION – WORK?……BRING IT ON!!


After Steph left I felt epic. I felt confidant and ME again. Exactly the objective I had set out to achieve. Sometimes you just need a little bit of hand holding don’t you – no matter how old you are, (I’m 39) I’d done my MAT leave & tried to be a yummy mummy – now it was time to be work me again. I’ve learnt that less is more. As long as you have key pieces in your wardrobe – you can accessorise for so many different looks. I feel great every time I look in my wardrobe now, knowing that I am going to look & feel amazing. Even my Dad commented on the skirt I was wearing the other day, saying he liked it – GO DAD!


I’m rubbish at using Pinterest, so Steph customised a wicked mood board for me. She’s put so much effort into it which I really appreciated. It was MOST useful!


Thanks so much Steph and I will definitely be in touch again next year for whatever part 2 looks like!


Claire 39 from Leeds 29th November 2016

Grown out of your style? I can help.

I called originally as I had got to the point where I knew I had far too many clothes, and clothes I wasn’t wearing, but couldn’t seem to prune any further than I already had done. I felt that a lot of the clothes reflected a style that (oh the horror) I have now grown out of, but I hadn’t got as far as working out what I have grown into! I have also gone through lots of different styles over the years and a lot of different sizes. I felt like I needed some help sorting the wheat from the chaff and working out what actually suits me and why.


I enjoyed the day immensely. It absolutely flew by, but I felt you were very focused and very quickly had an idea of what I like and suit. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards, but in a good way! It felt hugely therapeutic. I feel I have a much stronger grasp of what suits me now and how to portray who I am now.  I loved the personalised moodboard and have stuck it inside my wardrobe door for inspiration! One of the very useful things which I hadn’t expected from the day was advice on reorganising my wardrobe and clothes storage. I now have all my shoes on the wardrobe shelves where I can actually see them and they aren’t getting covered in dust.


I also loved thanking the clothes that I was getting rid of – this has now become a regular thing, as I’m doing a slow and steady but huge house clearout. It is so helpful to think of them as having served a purpose!


The day was excellent; I have been spreading the word.

Hannah, 32 Shipley 31st October 2016

Get the weight lifted off YOUR shoulders!

You’re the best!! Thank you SO much for today, you’ve literally taken a huge weight off my shoulders and I feel so cleansed! I am now ready to move house minus all the clothing clutter in my wardrobes. And it was so much fun – I shall be recommending you to everyone I know with a wardrobe!

Zara, 28 London 21st August 2016

How you feel in your clothes can make a huge difference to your life

Before I saw you I was on a limited budget due to a relationship breakdown and my self esteem was extremely low. I had lost a lot of weight due to stress. I was very time poor so selling clothes on eBay whilst looking after 3 kids and working full time wasn’t an option. The me after your visit is a changed woman! You have totally changed my outlook on what to have in my wardrobe and how to style myself! I think your service is awesome. Thank you so much.

Jo, 35 Skipton 19th July 2016

Sell your unwanted clothes and make some cash!

I had a wonderful day with you and have already been singing your praises to my friends and their husbands!! I hope some of them may take the leap of faith and test out your brilliant service. Thank you as well for selling my things on eBay – I’ve passed your top tips onto friends.

Paula, 49 Stockport 19th July 2016

Stop your bad shopping habits

With her great fashion tips and retail advice, Stephanie has stopped my “buy it – not really like it- take it back or wear it once (or never) and leave it sitting in the cupboard” habit! I also took your advice and am using those shop assistants! They are very helpful and you are right they do bring stuff that goes with things- things that I would not have thought of together. I have started buying a size 10 (after you pointed out I was shopping for clothes that were too big) and have had loads of compliments on the outfits you put together for me.

Cerys, 40 London 19th July 2016

Extend the life of your clothing

Your advice on the dyeing was spot on, and the dresses are even better than before! Thanks for all your help – you are a mine of information!

Anastasia, 49 London 19th July 2016

Non-judgemental help and support

Stephanie was amazing and so non-judgemental of my out of control wardrobe (which filled my spare room)! She’s left me with some really useful tips, a healthier attitude to shopping and endless outfit ideas for every occasion. Now my wardrobe works for me and I’ve saved so much money already. Thank you.

Siobhan, 29 Prestwich 19th July 2016

Drop the dross

It was however a unique and liberating experience for me to ‘drop the dross’ (and of course recycle) and pull together different elements of the wardrobe.  It was detoxing in a way!! From a fifty something who had lost her way in the style and retail jungle the whole experience was just LIBERATING!!

Jan, 50 Wilmslow 19th July 2016

Let me style your wardrobe

Many thanks for the styled photos and the shopping advice! Love it all!

Liz, 55 Ascot 19th July 2016

Learn from my shopping knowledge!

You were right! I got the Whistles jeans and you do have to go down a size. Really pleased with them! Thanks for all your help selling my clothes as well.

Louise, 38 Burnley 19th July 2016

Refine YOUR Style

You have helped me to refine my style, by stripping out the clothes that were ok but not awesome. The most valuable aspect of the day was seeing why certain clothes didn’t fit or flatter me  – finishing at the widest part of my thigh – so now that I understand what works, and why. I have very high expectations but you have totally met them! I have already recommended you to my friends!

Liz, 40 Leeds 18th July 2016

Yummy Mummy YOUR wardrobe!

The Wardrobe Angel is a fab service. Stephanie helped me clear out my wardrobe which had seen me through 3 pregnancies, identifying what to keep and what was rubbish. Putting together a series of outfits, she has made getting dressed in the morning much simpler,  ensuring I can leave the house without looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! She definitely knows how to put the yummy mummy into any wardrobe. The service was amazing. Thank you.

Caroline, 32 Cheshire 18th July 2016

Find your sense of self again

It was my fortieth birthday coming up and I wanted a bit of a make-over. I felt that my clothes were mismatched and although I had too many, I could never find anything to wear. I looked on Google for a stylist, I found your website. Having read other people’s testimonies I thought that’s exactly what I need!! I really enjoyed the day and felt like it went so fast. After you left I felt on top of the world, I didn’t want it to be over. Also there were things I couldn’t remember but it was good to know that you would send me the photo’s of me wearing the outfits and send me a comprehensive follow up.

Post-session with you, I feel like I have got my own style back. I was always confident in what I was wearing when I was younger but as I have got older I’ve lost my sense of self. After your visit I feel so much more confident in what I’m wearing; I don’t have to try lots of things on to see what to wear together. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to stick with what I’ve got in my wardrobe, now that I have purchased key items you suggested, and when something is getting shabby, start looking for a replacement.

You exceeded my expectations, you were bubbly and enthusiastic and honest without being judgemental.

Christine, 40 Ripon 16th June 2016

Can you make 90 outfits from your wardrobe?

I called you after a good google of style consultants, because I felt I had literally tons of clothes (especially jeans!!) and had lost my sense of what to wear and how to mix and match outfits. I was definitely in  RUT. I really enjoyed our day here doing the wardrobe. It was a very long day, but extremely productive. That evening I was buzzing, it was like I’d been shopping and got a whole new wardrobe!

I felt my confidence had returned, the moodboard was good at reminding me what suits me. All of the photos (over 90!) were me in my own clothes, it just felt like I had a whole new wardrobe without setting foot in the shops! Having the photos means that I can look at them daily to remind myself of the great outfits I have at my fingertips. I now NEVER wear the same thing 2 days in a row.

Julie, 49 Boroughbridge 16th June 2016

Love your wardrobe again

WOW! Talk about above and beyond! You are INCREDIBLE! I just love love love the moodboard – my own fashion vision board. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the effort you put in to decluttering and re-styling my wardrobe, not to mention the detailed Follow Up and the money from eBay. Just thank you so much.

Sarah, 30 Leeds 21st February 2016

Only style matters, not size

Recently I put on weight and I felt like I had nothing to wear. I also knew I did not wear my clothes to their fullest potential – I  had a wardrobe full of clothes but many were unworn. I saw you recommended on Facebook and thought “yes – I want that.” The day itself was very enjoyable and eye-opening. I never knew I had so many clothes!

Post-appointment I feel more confident, I have less clothes but more to wear, and you definitely exceeded expectations. You never made me feel like I was fat (which I thought) or uncomfortable. You always found a way to explain things in a way that was non offensive and made appropriate justifications why or why not I should keep an item. You are also very knowledgeable – I never knew each seam had a name!

I’ve received the mood board. It’s awesome. And I loved the training magazine too – how thoughtful! I also wore my military style jacket and people commented on how lovely it was. They couldn’t believe that it’s been in my wardrobe for about 5 years but I never wore it. Until you styled it!

I’ve started training again and am not where I want to be but you taught me size does not matter, but body shape does. You can be fashionable no matter what size and most importantly – not to be afraid to experiment.

Jane, 31 Leeds 28th January 2016

I put the fun into sorting out wardrobes!

I wanted to say a proper ‘thank you’ for your time and expertise. I greatly enjoyed the day with you and I do feel like we made huge progress, as well as having so much fun. You have a wonderful mix of professionalism and enjoyment which made the process so easy even though we worked hard and achieved a great deal. Thank you for the wonderful moodboard and your suggestions for additions to my wardrobe – I am sitting here in my new biker style jacket loving it!

Joan, 69 Thornhaugh 28th January 2016

Not just your re-vamping wardrobe! Your hair as well!

Many thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate the detailed Follow Up. I have looked at a couple of the blogs and the shopping list with the links to specific items – WOW – what a time saver! The before and afters on my moodboard are really good as they really show me the differences – I’ve booked an appointment at the hairdressers for a re-style as a result. The packing list is brilliant and I am looking forward to a holiday so I can try it out.

Dawn, 53 Holmfirth 28th January 2016

Personal Shopping takes the pressure off

I originally got in touch with you as I had been fed up with the contents of my wardrobe from a work and smart casual point of view for a long time and was fed up with having the same morning routine……open the wardrobe, sit down and sigh as I decide which mundane pieces to put together, again! I had heard some good reviews about you and I thought that I had nothing to lose by contacting you. I really enjoyed our morning sorting through my current wardrobe, re-styling pieces and putting different outfits together and it got me excited for the shopping trip we had scheduled for a few weeks later. It felt good to see existing things in new ways, but it also felt good to get rid of the older, less stylish items! I now have so many more outfits from existing clothes than I could have imagined!I loved the day we went shopping and would definitely have that service again. It took the stress and self -pressure off me and I came away with things I wouldn’t necessarily have picked for myself, but that made me feel great!
The advice you gave me on both of the days is something that I keep referring back to in my mind. I now look at pages on Pinterest, bloggers etc as well as fashion mags to get more ideas of what kinds of things I like – something I had not done before. I have bought a few pieces that I wouldn’t have even given a second glance to before your visit, let alone tried on and loved! I am remembering your advice on the re-styling of pieces when trying on and have re-fashioned a few purchases.

Frances, 36 Halifax 28th January 2016

Making new friends out of old clothes

Thank you for coming over and sorting my wardrobe and for all the information which I am taking on board!!!  I have done loads of alterations and they really make a difference. Thanks again, I see other people’s outfits ( and mine of course) in a different way now.

Judy, 60 Hull 28th January 2016

A streamlined wardrobe has many benefits!

I got in touch as my wardrobe was out of control, rammed with clothes I never wore coupled with a literal mountain of clothes and shoes (labels still on, still in the box)! My job in touring theatre requires me to travel a lot and my packing was terrible. Take everything, just in case and then wear about a third of what I was touring. As I was heading out on tour again, and also fastly approaching the big 40, it felt like the perfect time to streamline my wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and when you left I felt like we’d achieved a lot and identified “my look” and what worked for me and the practicalities of my job. Being on the road and living out of a suitcase, the photos of the outfits you put together became invaluable. I wake up, check the weather, looking through photo’s and decide what to wear! Only having to look for certain items, rather than pulling out everything and less to carry about with me. Amazing!

I have received many compliments on my style since and feel much more confident and I have a greater sense of self. Having spent many years caring for my sick mum, who sadly passed away this year, this was a valuable first step towards learning that its ok to invest in myself and to figuring out who I am without her.

You exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend you highly enough to friends and family. I’m considering a follow up/review appointment just to keep me on the right track!

Suzanne, 40 Glasgow 28th January 2016

Get wardrobe confident!

I’m still recommending you to friends as I love the fact that I feel confident wearing ANYTHING in my wardrobe!

Jackie, 51 York 28th January 2016

Reclaiming your image after cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and consequently went through IVF, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This had a massive impact emotionally, as well as physically due to the invasive nature of the treatment. Losing my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as having a lumpectomy seriously undermined my confidence. But it was like I didn’t know how to dress anymore after such a challenging time. I wanted support in reclaiming ownership over my body, identity and image – a re-birth after cancer, if you will.

I very much enjoyed the wardrobe session, I felt more creative and confident also. I have learnt how to look at myself and my clothes in a supportive way, to dress myself more creatively in such a way that is in tune with whom I am. Getting dressed is far more fun than before!

My sense of self was strengthened because the service you give is so unique to the person, that I definitely felt your advice and support was highly personalised. The mood board has taken me a few times of reading to take it all in. I think it is useful to have this to remind myself when I’m buying clothes and putting clothes together. I feel like I can now choose the right style of clothes to suit me.

A huge thanks for your enthusiasm, patience and determination! I really feel like you’ve helped me move on in a really big way. Thank you.

Rosie, 36 Sheffield 28th January 2016

A wardrobe that reflects who you are NOW will pay dividends

My wardrobes were a mess: whilst they seemed reasonably tidy and organised from a distance, I had clothes dating back to when I was at uni over 10 years ago but hadn’t been able to bear getting rid of. I didn’t know if you would be able to get through everything in a single session. I had recently been promoted and was at a loss at what to wear. I called you to explain all of this, and to ask lots of questions, which you dealt with straight away and put my mind at rest.

Going through my wardrobes you were not judgemental (despite some of the sights!) and it was easy to be honest with you when I didn’t feel comfortable in something. There were a couple of suggestions that you made which didn’t feel like me; you listened to me, challenged appropriately, but ultimately I never felt as though you were pushing my to be someone I wasn’t.

The session really exceeded my hopes and since our session my style feels much more defined and I feel more confident in how I look, which is reflected in all areas of my life. I LOVE my moodboard! It’s got so many great ideas, and it was so full! I also loved all of the extras, from exhibitions I’d like, to the capsule wardrobe guidance, to the colour scheme. I’m now proud of my wardrobe and love wearing my new clothes. I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel like a different person. Friends and colleagues have commented on it – it’s as much the confidence as the clothes. I previously felt like I was ‘playing dress up’ whereas now I feel like me. It’s a great feeling.

Louise, 31 from Wakefield 2nd September 2015

Too much to tackle on your own? Let me help.

Thank you so much for your time, energy and your bright and cheerful positivity! I really did enjoy the day (in spite of my misgivings!) You made the whole decluttering process really easy and fun. Thanks so much also for all the information and tips which are so useful and will definitely help me to plan better outfits and not make costly mistakes or leave items left hanging in the wardrobe!

Gill, 57 from Sheffield 2nd September 2015

What to take out and what to put in to create your perfect wardrobe

Thank you for all your emails and your pins on Pinterest. I will be working my way through the Shopping List and have taken your advice and invested in some basics. The Moodboard and all the articles you sent me are BRILLIANT. I love the fact you took my sewing skills into consideration and that you worked this into our session so I can alter and sew some bits of my new wardrobe. It was a great experience and I feel my wardrobe is on-track now. Thank you.

Sarah Louise, 38 from London 2nd September 2015

Unlock the money in your wardrobe!

Thank you for the Shopping List and Moodboard, they are great. I’m really looking forward to using the Holiday Packing Document – it’s going to save me so much time! Thank you for selling my clothes, pleased I have some money to buy some more!

Marisa, 51 from Leeds 2nd September 2015

Let me take a look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes

Many thanks for a fantastic morning with you in wardrobe land!!  It was such fun and I was amazed by the wonderful outfits you created with my wardrobe of many colours and with very few neutrals.  You have inspired me and as I have shopped, I have looked with fresh eyes at all the clothes on offer.  My husband was very impressed by the diversity of outfits created out of my existing wardrobe – I think he thought it was going to cost a fortune in terms of new outfits but it hasn’t!! It’s amazing how this experience filters into all other areas of your life!

Rachel, 37 from Halifax 2nd September 2015

Wardrobes of all shapes and sizes

Although I was a bit embarrassed about the state of my wardrobes, I was looking forward to the day. Your comments made complete sense of why certain items in my closet were unworn & unloved. It really helped having your help and input.

Alison, 50 Leeds 2nd September 2015

Whatever your age, whatever is in your wardrobe!

The reason for requesting an appointment with Wardrobe Angel was to check my clothes selection, make a list of any missing items and to downsize the whole, if possible. I was especially interested in making sure my clothes were still fashionable and suitable for my age.

The day was exciting and Stephanie reassured me which of my choices were great for me, whilst making some image-changing comments. My accessories and jewellery had an update which possibly had been neglected. I feel now that I have a capsule wardrobe of just the right size and when I buy in future, something will be passed on.

Stephanie must have made a difference as my daughter made an appointment after seeing the results! I will make further appointments with Stephanie in the future in order to keep up to date!

Jane, 60 from Halifax 10th March 2015

New Improved YOU

After Stephanie came to sort out my wardrobe I immediately felt liberated. Taller. Freer.  The clear out was really empowering and I really embraced it! I felt armed and ready to go with enough in my existing wardrobe to reflect the new improved version of me and I knew what I needed and wanted to add to it but didn’t need to rush out. Knowing I can tap into Stephanies resources with any questions or queries is really reassuring.  She really does continue to support you well beyond the day. The mood board is a great reminder of the key strategies for your ‘look’ with some extra special surprises too.  It’s nice to receive it a week after too, it’s a good reminder of a great day.

Jennifer 35 from York 10th March 2015

Time to revive YOUR wardrobe?

It was a FANTASTIC day and I have told the world. Felt decluttered, in control, elated and empowered. Big smiles. Thank you very much. I feel revived!!!

Elspeth, 32 Leeds 22nd January 2015

Get your monies worth!

The best 200 pounds I ever spent!

Caroline, 38 Halifax 22nd January 2015

Let me style YOU

Wore one of your outfits on Saturday night – never had so many compliments in my life!

Alis, 40 Leeds 22nd January 2015

I sell your unwanted clothes!

We had a lovely day and then a cheque turned up in the post with the money from my sold items! What a bonus! Thank you!

Louise, 58 Stockport 22nd January 2015

Room to STYLE

Using my wardrobe with browsing space this last week and been a pleasure! Thank you!

Susie, 45 Manchester 22nd January 2015

Have YOU heard the word?

I keep talking about our day to various friends so if you have any enquiries from Cheshire, you will know who to blame!

Carolyn, 70 Knutsford 22nd January 2015

Decluttering comes as standard!

Thanks Stephanie for a fab day yesterday. Not just tidy, functional wardrobes and loads of useful advice, but also great company.

Ruth, 61 Liverpool 22nd January 2015

How strong is YOUR sense of self?

I really liked your personal impact on me and how easy you are to talk to. You feel credible, interested and authentic. After our session I felt MOTIVATED and UNDERSTOOD. My sense of self is infinitely improved. I feel sooooo much more confident. Thank you!

Alison, 45 Wakefield 22nd January 2015

Advice AND experience

Thank you, the whole service and package I love and your advice and experience is invaluable. I am really, honestly so impressed.

Nicky, 42 Ilkey 22nd January 2015

Go back to work in style

As a busy mum of toddler twins, and having recently gone back to part-time work, I felt at a bit of a loss in terms of my daily wardrobe. I had all sorts of lovely mismatched bits and pieces picked up from eBay and the high street over the years but nothing ever looked or felt quite right, and my post-kids figure was just different enough to render half my outfits ill-fitting and awkward. I also felt really guilty about the money I wasted on stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time but turned out to be a mistake. At first I felt that booking Stephanie was a huge indulgence but I can honestly say that it was worth every penny. Not only was she efficient, full of knowledge and patient with my incessant questions and anxieties- but she was also a true delight and a pleasure to spend the day with. I just received my Mood Board today and am thrilled with all the time and thought she has put into it. Nosing around the shops last week, I kept everything in mind that she had suggested and I have to say that the whole experience was much more positive than it has been for years. In a brand new dress last week, my 2 year old son said YOU LOOK PRETTY! as soon as I walked in. Best compliment ever. Massive thanks, Wardrobe Angel!

Amelia, 33 Brighton 22nd January 2015

What will your Moodboard tell you?

The mood board totally pulled together what we’d talked about and the follow-up e-mail you sent. I have it out in my bedroom all the time and keep consulting it for ideas. My clothes are organised and are actually getting worn! Just what I needed!

Charlotte, 34 Madrid 22nd January 2015

No wonder clients keep coming back!

What a fantastic day! You do realise that I shall now be a regular client!

Jo, 51 Wales 22nd January 2015

Hassle free shopping!

I have a much clearer idea of what to wear to suit my shape and shopping is so much easier now as I can hone in on the items I know will suit me. The shopping list provided was really helpful too so I didn’t have to trawl the shops for the much needed items, I could just click on the links, view and purchase if I liked them and try them on in my own home – seriously hassle free shopping!

After you left, it was like a weight had been lifted, I could now see how I could wear the clothes I had and only needed a few more things to complete the wardrobe. All the old clothes had gone (you’d taken them to charity) so no risk of falling back into bad habits!

Catherine, 32 Sheffield 22nd January 2015

Excellent Value for Money

I knew I needed help as I had gone from wearing suits everyday to being a mother of two toddlers, I was still wearing some of my maternity clothes and was slipping into a lazy mum uniform. After speaking to Stephanie on the phone I was really excited about my appointment. I really understood how I wanted to be. That excitement has really stayed with me, I have a much stronger idea of how I want to dress and have been able to go shopping knowing exactly what I am looking for. I have spent less money on better clothes. The after service is brilliant with the photos and the money back from all the clothes sold. I will be getting Stephanie back to look at my summer wardrobe as I feel her service is not only a wonderful treat that gives you a sense of your own style but also excellent value for money.

Sophie, 40 Wetherby 22nd January 2015

Money well spent! And earnt!

Who would have thought spending the day in your bra and knickers could be so LIBERATING? Loving wearing items that were languishing at the back of the wardrobe, so glad to see things that really did not suit me go (and get money for them!). Such a great day and money very well spent.

Terry, 60 Bradford 22nd January 2015

What suits YOU?

Thank you so much for yesterday, I realise I have been going around picking up totally the wrong things and it is great to now have a wardrobe which I know suits me! You have inspired me to look better and put in some effort!Thank you Wardrobe Angel.

Marian, 30 Manchester 22nd January 2015

What do YOU shop for?

You do such great work – I brag about your amazing services. I only buy for quality now – as you said you get so much value out of these pieces because you use them all the time, and I do!

Nicole, 37 Manchester 22nd January 2015

Who knew a tidy wardrobe could bring so much joy?!

Steph was absolutely brilliant at helping me make-sense of my wardrobe. She was professional, efficient and made the whole experience an enjoyable one. All my clothes are now ordered and organised. That, along with the addition of a few ‘key basics’, purchased on Steph’s advice, has helped that cry of ‘ but I don’t have anything to wear’ disappear from my vocabulary!

Jennie, 32 London 22nd January 2015

Invaluable service

Thanks so much for your service. I was amazed at how long you stayed for and how quickly the time went! I found your service invaluable and could have easily spent another couple of hours going through other clothes! more time soaking up your knowledge. I wore some of the new outfits over the weekend to rave results!

Leyla, 37 Manchester 22nd January 2015

What do you need YOUR wardrobe to do?

Not only was I in the midst of a fashion crisis of confidence when I met Stephanie, but I had also discovered that I was pregnant and so needed a wardrobe to see me through the nine months in style. What I found fantastic was that she really took the time to get to know me and my style in advance. By re-accessing my existing wardrobe I started to see my old clothes in a totally new light and now I’m loving wearing them again in ways that I would never have thought of before Stephanie came into my life! I’ve only actually had to buy a few new key pieces that were recommended on my shopping list, so it didn’t break the budget to feel as if I’d got a brand new fabulous wardrobe!

Sarah, 31 Wilmslow 22nd January 2015

Go shopping…in your wardrobe!

I was stuck in a clothing rut and thought I needed to go on a big shopping spree to replace all of my boring wardrobe… I could not have been more wrong! By clearing out the things that were passed their best and no longer suited me, Stephanie showed me that my existing wardrobe is already full of great outfits without having to buy another thing. The mood board she created continues to help me focus on my own style and the whole experience has given me a great confidence boost. Stephanie has injected a new lease of life into my wardobe and I cannot thank her enough!

Laura, 28 Manchester 22nd January 2015

Wardrobe Overhaul

I had a fantastic day, you have a truly amazing personality! You really inspired me and gave me confidence to try new ways with my existing clothes and made some really useful suggestions. I would certainly like to repeat the day at some point and would differently recommend this experience to everyone. It really boosted my confidence. Stephanie, you are fantastic, thank you.

Diana, 63 Oxford 22nd January 2015

I will help you recapture the character in your wardrobe, whatever your age!

Thank you so much, for the day, the humour, the clearing out, and the fact that what you have given me will go on working its magic for a long time to come! The whole thing was invigorating, funny, startling, refreshing, and full of moments of amazement as you sleuthed your way through my chaotic clothes rail to see the character within. I saw you do magic making bits of my wardrobe into whole, proper outfits that were ME but more stylish than anything I had ever done. Lots of good ideas for ringing the changes, and lots of good practical grouping. I am looking forward to plugging the gaps in my wardrobe, sensibly and carefully, from your suggestions. Your first outfit was put into use the very next day (for that family gathering) very happily where I received plenty of gratifying compliments. You were wonderful – professional, shrewd, and straight, and it was just a pleasure to spend time with you.

Kairen, 54 London 22nd January 2015

Don’t let your decade decide YOUR wardrobe

As a child of the 1950s I was very much brought up to keep everything. The War and rationing has a great deal to answer for!! Getting rid of lots and lots of clothes, shoes, bags that I rarely wear was very cathartic. I very much enjoyed the whole experience. You were professional, enthusiastic and full of brilliant ideas to improve how I look. Thank you.

Gill, 64 Bolton 22nd January 2015

Wondering how to Downsize?

The Wardrobe Angel has literally de-stressed and changed my life. She has down sized and made my wardrobe manageable. She has focused my thoughts and created outfits from my existing clothes, making choices I would not have thought of and helped me select a few key items I needed to purchase. Stephanie was great company to be with and has kept my momentum going with informative emails and photos of outfits to remind me. I will never forget the day. Thank you.

Anne, 55 Manchester 22nd January 2015

Love YOUR wardrobe

I love what you did, the mood board, going through my clothes, putting outfits together was perfect. I cannot think of anything more exquisite – I loved the whole experience from talking to you to going through my wardrobe. I felt like it was an old friend coming to visit!

Katherine, 40 Durham 22nd January 2015

I go the extra mile

Stephanie has completely transformed my outlook on clothes and the way that I present myself (albeit with my own wardrobe, which I never knew I had!!!). She really made me feel at ease. The icing on the cake was that Steph really went the extra mile and explained to me how to get my Jimmy Choo handbag repaired, where to take back my broken French Connection shoes, how to get one of my beautiful sequinned dresses and my denim jacket altered (at a very reasonable price). She even took items that I never wore from my wardrobe to sell. I do not feel like Steph’s client, but feel like I have a honest and trustworthy friend, who wants me to look my best at all times. I would highly recommend Stephanie’s services to anyone. In fact, Stephanie is doing my husband’s wardrobe next and I cannot wait to see the end result…

Tasnim, 32 Manchester 22nd January 2015

Change YOUR life

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference the Wardrobe Angel has made – not just to my wardrobe but to my life. She has saved me so much time; shopping is quicker, getting dressed is easier (and a pleasure) and I now know what to look for, where to look and when to look. She has bought out not only my sense of style, but my self confidence too – I am making much better clothing decisions which is saving me money as well as time. She is absolutely worth every penny and for the service and attention she gives, I think she is great value. I have already recommended her to all my friends!

Dawn, 46 Manchester 22nd January 2015

I will save you money

Since having you look through my wardrobe I have resisted the temptation to buy unnecessary items and looked at my wardrobe in a different way. It was like having a whole new wardrobe. Many thanks for your help.

Tracey, 51 Buxton 21st January 2015