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Magic Results from The Wardrobe Angel:

Feeling better about how we look just helps with everything else, doesn’t it?

I heard you talk at Chapel Pie WI and knew straight away that you’d be the person to help me get my ‘style mojo’ back. I had a baby in November 2013 and in the life-changing experience of becoming a Mum I had lost track of prioritising myself along with my personal style and my love of clothes.


I LOVED the session and felt totally re-inspired. You started straight away piecing together items from my own wardrobe and I was so excited to see my own clothes put together in a different and stylish way.


My sense of self has soared since our session. I’m back in love with clothes and with style and fashion and that has spread into others areas of life where I’d lost my way. Feeling better about how we look just helps with everything else, doesn’t it? You’ve definitely given me a new lease of ‘style life’: I now wear jumpsuits, culottes, red shoes, a chunky knit pink cardigan etc  rather than just jeans and a top!


You absolutely exceeded expectations. You started me off on a style journey that I then felt brave enough to follow on my own. I’d always been known for my clothes and style and it’s so lovely to be the ‘real me’ once again – even my 3 1/2 year old comments on my outfits now!!!


Liz 40, from Leeds 26th May 2017

“My name is Sue and I’m something of a hoarder!”

With lots of excellent reasons for holding onto things (saving things for best – my generation can relate to this! It cost a lot of money, one day I will be this thin again….and the list goes on!) As a consequence, bulging wardrobe, with surplus stuffed onto dress-rails.  Not only that, but ‘never could find anything to wear’.  So still buying more.


I discovered Wardrobe Angel some time ago, but it took a while to pluck up the courage to get in touch, and make an appointment.  Why did it take so long?  Because it was a scary prospect. Would Stephanie want to throw the whole lot out, resulting in an unseemly battle with me desperately trying to defend old favourites?  Would my taste be in question … ?


I needn’t have worried: Stephanie is a true Angel. From the moment she stepped in the door, she inspired confidence.  I learned so much about what suits me, with logical reasons for what doesn’t, and which clothes already in my wardrobe I should be wearing.  Also, when shopping, a fun way of deciding what is so amazing I just have to buy it (and what is merely ok, and which therefore has to be left behind).  Though I still have plenty to wear, with instructions not to save them for ‘best’, so won’t be going shopping for a while!


Stephanie decluttered two big bags for charity, three for selling, and a small pile of clothes with instructions for alteration to make them more flattering. The result was a feeling of lightness with the unwanted garments going out the door, knowledge of what truly suits, and renewed confidence to have the courage to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the style which was already starting to emerge.


How often do we spend time just for ‘us’ … real ‘me-time’?  We might go out for lunch, to a spa, for a beauty-treatment.  But this day was so much more, truly worth-while, and a total treat. But perhaps best of all – an immense amount of FUN! Thank-you Angel Stephanie!




Sue, 70 from Sheffield 9th May 2017

Do your work clothes reflect who you really are?


I was starting a new job and feeling my wardrobe was stuck in a total rut – which it turned out it totally was!! I’d stopped seeing my clothes as others perhaps saw them. I was worried more about the state of my clothes and wardrobe, and that there would be nothing you could work with. However on arrival you soon set my fears aside and there were a few pieces I can incorporate into my new wardrobe alongside all the great new ideas you gave me.



After the session I felt very positive and that I could make changes and updates to my style. As we cleared out my wardrobe I realised I was holding onto clothes that I no longer liked/were old/not reflective of me now. It felt like a new beginning. I worried that I wouldn’t remember all the tips you gave me during the session but these were all captured in your report and I learnt loads!!


Post session my sense of self has definitely increased – and I feel a lot more confident – your tip of being in a good mood to clothes shop/try things was excellent. When I go shopping instead of being randomly drawn to things to plan and think about what I will wear them with. I’m never going back to cardigans for work wear and totally love my new jackets. I can see a jacket addiction coming on!! I’ve bought a few of the suggestions so far from the lists you gave me and will gradually purchase most of them over the coming months. Already I’ve had positive and complimentary comments at work on my new style. I’ll definitely be booking you again for a personal shopping session and build on what I learnt this time round.


Leonie, 41 from Todmorden 9th May 2017

I never judge a client – I’m just here to help your wardrobe

I must say, I was very sceptical about the whole process, but you put me at ease for the word go. I was worried that I would be judged based on the content of my wardrobe, I apologise, I was very wrong.  Your thoughts, ideas and comments brought out the bits of me that have been hiding for a very long time.


I agree some of your suggestions will challenge me, but I feel refreshed after our session and ready to take on the challenge.  I have set aside a day next month to take the time to have a wander round the shops, rather than adopting my usual combat shopping style!  I have also disabled all my one click online shopping sites to stop the impulse when I’m bored, sofa shopping.


Now I have had a chance to go through everything and look at your suggestions, I can see how it will form the wardrobe I have been looking for. It is going to take a bit of time for me to complete my capsule wardrobes, but I will get there.


More importantly, the ideas you gave me for my existing clothes are going down a storm, I’ve had loads of compliments


There is no doubt in my mind…..I will be booking in to see you once you have finished your maternity leave.


All the best and thank you.



Liesa 44, from Hull 18th April 2017

Time for a new look?

Thank you so much for our shop – I have already worn my new pyjama style top! Family have already been commenting and saying I looking like a new person.

Namisha 33, from Farsley 6th March 2017

Rediscover YOUR style mojo

What I really love since you visited me and my wardrobe is that I really love nearly everything in my wardrobe and totally get why I bought each piece, now that I’m thinking so differently about putting it together. Family kept commenting about my outfits while we were away on holiday and I definitely feel I’ve rediscovered my style mojo, so thank you so much again!


Thank you so much for the brilliant follow up which I’ve gradually been digesting; there’s so much great stuff to take in. After telling you about feeling overwhelmed by Asos I’ve sort of got the hang of the website now and have spotted some great stuff on there. I’ve checked out a couple of the blogs you recommended and they’re great. The Shopping Lists for ‘work’ and ‘casual’ you wrote for me are so spot on (thank you) and summarise everything we chatted about.


Thank you so much again Stephanie.




Lizzy 45, from Leeds 6th March 2017

Improve your relationship with your body

I have never liked my body and since having my little girl my relationship with my body has deteriorated so the idea of trying on clothes in front of someone I didn’t know was daunting. Needless to say I was very nervous before you arrived! I also don’t like change and although there was a lot in my wardrobe that I didn’t wear/couldn’t wear I was scared to get rid of them. I was worried you would get rid of everything.  You didn’t!


I loved both days (the wardrobe sort and the personal shop), but my gosh you have stamina; I was shattered! I think immediately I had a sense of oh gosh what have I done (but this is me normally) once the irrational fear had subsided and I thought logically I felt fabulous and knew that I was better off for doing it. You totally met and exceeded my expectations.

I have learnt more about how to dress for my body shape. I have felt much more confident at work because I feel good and I am happier at picking outfits for occasions. My wardrobe is all organised and I feel so much more relaxed about it. Thank you.


Hannah 32, from Hull 10th February 2017

How does your wardrobe make you feel?

I love our appointments and felt on top of the world when you left!

Lindsay 44, from Leeds 10th February 2017

Walk taller, dress more confidently this year

I had put about three stone on over the previous couple of years due to a hormone issue.  Never one to worry about my size I am usually more concerned that things fit – however with a new shape I didn’t know what looked good anymore and needed an intervention. I loved our day together and immediately felt comfortable with you. I had done enough homework on you to know you were what I needed!  And you were! I was pooped at the end of the day.  I didn’t realise I had so many clothes – neither did I realise quite how bad some of them looked on me… but they are gone from my life now! They are dead to me! The follow up sheet was so helpful.  I started to look at my wardrobe again in a new light and started to think about accessorising more.  A number of people have noticed an increased confidence in the way I dress now – I have been wearing slightly bolder patterns and colours, but with the right shape for me. I have even started wearing strong coloured lipsticks (I have never worn lipstick in 41 years)



I go shopping more regularly but buy much less frequently, only buying something if it’s the right shape and I have things it will go with and I know it suits me – this often means spending more money on one piece rather than lots of cheap bits that are cut badly!  (I also bought two new coats beige and burgundy which are the long line coats as you recommended! I love them!!)


Since we met  I have been dressing better and feeling slimmer so I have been dressing more confidently.  I have also got back to the gym 5 days a week and I am standing taller! I still have to resist the urge for a binge shop… but actually I am starting to enjoy the shopping and coming home with just one luxury item that I will get lots of wear from!!


Alison 40, from Harrogate 10th February 2017

Does your work wardrobe reflect your position?

I felt uninspired by clothes, nothing looked good on me and the clothes I had didn’t reflect the way I felt inside.  During the session I enjoyed trying on all the new clothes and finding my style, you made me feel at ease and got me pretty quickly. You made me feel like I could own this new wardrobe and empowered me in a way I’d never felt before! Now I feel less stressed in a morning I just look at my pictures of the outfits you created and make my choice. People at the office have noticed the change: I feel more productive at work and I can kick ass more in some meetings having the strong look I needed. My wardrobe finally reflects my position in the company.
I felt nervous before I met Stephanie as I have never had anyone look at my wardrobe! But now I love my new wardrobe I can’t wait to do this again soon! Thanks for all your help.

Marie 32 from Haworth 29th November 2016

New Mum back to work worries? Not with Wardrobe Angel!


I’m a new mum. My baby was 10 months old at the time of calling Steph and I was going back to work very soon! I wanted to feel me again – a confident working mum but I had no idea what to do or where to start! I heard about this ‘angel’ called Steph through a friend who had used the Wardrobe Angel before.


I absolutely LOVED the day – I really did. Talk about a cleansing experience. I’m embarrassed to say there were some beauties in my wardrobe. Some up to 15 years old probably! I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder……but clearly I had some issues with getting rid of certain things – I think we all do really don’t we??!! Steph was brilliant at sorting through both my wardrobes. She knew that she wanted to create a capsule wardrobe for me and there was NO messing about! It was ace – just what I needed – almost like someone giving you permission to LET IT GO!! My capsule wardrobe began to materialise before my eyes – who knew I actually had quite a bit of stuff already?! I felt amazing after Steph left – READY FOR ACTION – WORK?……BRING IT ON!!


After Steph left I felt epic. I felt confidant and ME again. Exactly the objective I had set out to achieve. Sometimes you just need a little bit of hand holding don’t you – no matter how old you are, (I’m 39) I’d done my MAT leave & tried to be a yummy mummy – now it was time to be work me again. I’ve learnt that less is more. As long as you have key pieces in your wardrobe – you can accessorise for so many different looks. I feel great every time I look in my wardrobe now, knowing that I am going to look & feel amazing. Even my Dad commented on the skirt I was wearing the other day, saying he liked it – GO DAD!


I’m rubbish at using Pinterest, so Steph customised a wicked mood board for me. She’s put so much effort into it which I really appreciated. It was MOST useful!


Thanks so much Steph and I will definitely be in touch again next year for whatever part 2 looks like!


Claire 39 from Leeds 29th November 2016

New Job Confidence

Thank you so much for all your help, the time you spent explaining what works on my shape, putting together outfits for me, etc as well as the follow up & shopping list have been really fantastic & given me lots of confidence for starting my new job. Friday is dress down but don’t worry I won’t be participating, jeans will be for the weekends!

Vicky, 39 York 31st October 2016