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Why doubling up could be damaging your style

Style is increasing individual but have you ever bought 2 or 3 of the same item of clothing for your wardrobe because you liked it so much? One of my first clients did a lot of TV shopping on QVC and bought items in all the colours each range had to offer. Needless to say she didn’t wear half of what she owned and found the choice in her wardrobe overwhelming! Buying duplicates can seem like a good idea when you really love an item of clothing but in my experience it really means you will wear your favourite item less. I liken it to really enjoying a meal then ordering the same meal again only to find that the taste is slightly different and you are already full from your first sitting.

If you really love an item of clothing then wear it and enjoy it. When I was a teenage I was the proud owner of a velour Miss Sixty t-shirt (I know! Sounds hideous! But it was awesome, I swear) but I hardly ever wore it. It laid perfectly folded in my wardrobe and each time I went for it I thought “no, it’s for best” and opted for another t-shirt. Then I went to university, shrunk the t-shirt in the wash and the rest is history. I only remember wearing it once for an extended family picture. What a waste!

If you repeat buy the same items, as well as running the risk of never wearing the item, you also run the risk of looking the same all the time.  Your style uniform becomes so small that you will eventually get bored and think “I have nothing to wear.” One way to keep your style uniform consistent but shot through with variety is to come up with your 3 word style. Mine is:



This has shaped my style throughout the 6 years I have been in business. For drama I wear a lot of black and white, stiletto heels and sharply tailored jackets. But within my jacket repertoire I have a variety of styles: boyfriend, double breasted, leather biker, cropped edge-to-edge, faux fur, single breasted, vintage varsity. This keeps my look consistent but varied.

Appreciate what you have, love your clothes and if you have a real winner in your wardrobe stop saving it for best and wear it! 


  1. So agree! If I ever buy something again in another colour I never end up wearing the 2nd one I bought as never love it as much as the1st one! Thought that was just me!! X

    • No it’s really common!! I see it all the time! Thanks for your comment.


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