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Bye Bye Bunions

Now for the slightly taboo topic of bunions. I’ve had a tonne of clients suffering with them, but for you lucky readers that haven’t yet been graced with the presence of a bunion, your questions are about to be answered…


What are bunions?


Bunions are the cause of a misalignment in the foot joints. The big toe is forced to drift significantly in the direction of the other toes, thus resulting in a bony lump forming on the side of the big toe. Ouch.



Bunions on both feet. Picture from OrthInfo

Who are victims of the bunion?


Anyone! More than 15% of people in the UK are victims of the blasted bunion and the majority are women. Even the Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson was a sufferer!


Why do we get them?


  1. Badly fitting/ narrow shoes. Our judgement of practicality is clouded in the presence of those perfect heels. So BE STRONG and opt for sensible shoes that fit properly to avoid bunions.


  1. Bunions can even be the cause of arthitis, so its definitely worth investigating what will help.


  1. Unfortunately bunions can be inherited *sigh* but the pain can be relieved, just keep on reading!



But how are they treated?


If bunions are ignored they get worse, so there are a few options to relieve the pain.


  1. Appropriate shoes relieve the pressure that you get when squeezing your feet into narrow spaces that commonly cause inflammation of the bunion by switching up your footwear. Why not try Calla Shoes? This new range of shoes launched this month specifically for bunion sufferers. The Beth shoe in taupe gets my vote. Also try wearing square toed shoes which allow for more room around the bunion.


  1. Scholl Gel Insoles are awesome if you aren’t keen on splashing the cash on more shoes, they might just be your saviour. Your feet will feel cushioned with every step.


  1. Removing the bunion – I know, scary, but a client of mine once said that after she’d had her bunion removed – “I was dancing 6 weeks after. I have no scars and have never had any pain in my feet since and sometimes I dance from midnight to 6am for 3 days in a row!”. My client went to the European Foot Institute.



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