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The book I recommend most to clients…


If you only read one book this year, make it this one!


I have a lot of clients who are self-employed or who are leaving a corporate environment to pursue a more creative career. It’s a great joy for me to help them marry up their personal style with the brand they are creating. I became aware of Personal Branding a few years ago and then read Jennifer Holloway’s awesome book “Personal Branding for Brits” which offers a practical guide to creating and promoting your personal brand. In the book Jennifer lists, amongst other things, elements which give clues to you and your brand:


  • Email signature
  • Blog
  • Twitter profile
  • Your voicemail
  • Your accent
  • Body Language
  • State of your clothes and shoes


And it is the last bit is where I come in. Helping people develop their style along side their business brand means getting to the bottom of how my clients want to be perceived and what they want their clothes and style of dress to say. During a recent Skype appointment with a client she showed me some of her shoes. One pair was a green velvet pair with a square toe. I asked “are they from the early 2000’s?” The client replied “yes! How did you know that?” That style of shoe was really popular around the time Trinny & Susannah came to the throne of fashion, along with lace trim twinsets and A-line skirts. The client is a designer and has a modern home and studio however the shoes were dating her by nearly 20 years, even if they were well cared for.


What she was wearing on her feet wasn’t relevant to the business she was selling.


I have styled lot of accountants and dressed them in good quality labels so they look like money: a well groomed accountant who takes care of how she dresses gives the impression she will take care of your money. I styled a photographer before Christmas in lots of cool fabrics: leather, denim and some interesting colour combinations. I wanted her clothes to scream ‘creativity’ yet to look pulled together and ‘done’ – a kind of ‘considered cool’ if you will, to show she was also a professional business woman, not a flake.

Marrying up your business with your personal style isn’t about slavishly following trends but is it about being aware of what your clothes are saying:


Rachel Zoe says it so well!


If you are a business owner and would like a Skype appointment to see if your clothes are saying the right things about your brand then drop me a line info@wardrobeangel.co.uk


See you and your wardrobe soon x

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