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Running my business, The Wardrobe Angel is my joy, not my job. I inspire, motivate and advise people on what to put in to their wardrobes and, more importantly, what to take out and why. We hang on to clothes, shoes and accessories that are holding us back, that don’t represent who we are now. Our clothes should tell people what we do, where we are going and what we stand for.

Bomber jacket heaven!

Bomber jacket heaven!

With over 12 years styling experience, I am more than qualified to re-connect clients to their innate sense of style and to help them to style themselves.

I love bringing clients back to their authenticity and awesomeness. I also organise, clean and declutter client’s wardrobes, arrange for their items to be sold on eBay, and help them make wiser purchases that will extend the life and style of their wardrobes.

I write, produce, research and present my own weekly radio show on Phoenix FM and I’ve just finished filming my first TV show called Fashion House. I recently started a monthly style column in the national magazine Sewing Made Simple showing readers how to get more wear out of what they sew. I have appeared on ITV and am a regular contributor on BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Humberside on matters of style, our changing fashion industry and body image. It’s all go here at Wardrobe Towers!

Wardrobe Angel

These shoes are made for styling

The pillars of my business and my own wardrobe are: buy to last, get more wear, style more ways. I’m committed to creating a culture of sustainability in how we use and wear out clothes, starting with what is already in a client’s wardrobe. And I love tea. I drink so much of the stuff it probably courses through my veins. With soya milk, no sugar please if you’re putting the kettle on!

I look forward to seeing you, and your wardrobe, soon!